the Home page

Welcome to TTG CE3 Pages. In getting started, there are a few things to know:

  • To preview each page of your site, click the Home, Galleries, Services, Info, About and Contact links in the navigation menu above. The Blog link is inactive within the Lightroom preview.
  • The default text on each of these pages will provide you useful information and content examples in helping you to start working with TTG CE3 Pages.
  • To change this text, edit the content of each page in the Color Palette control pane.
  • To update the preview with changes, you should manually refresh the preview. That’s CMD-R on Mac, or CTRL-R on Windows.
  • Full plugin documentation is available at

about the Home page

This is your Home page, the first page visitors will see when they arrive on your site. Use it to make a strong first impression! Welcome your visitors in a friendly way, or forego words altogether and make an impact with a handful of your best images.

You can design your Home page to include an image and text, or you may create a Home page gallery of your best work. There are a number of options available to display such a gallery, so feel free to experiment.

Getting started ...

Now, I’m sure you’re eager to begin work on your new site. But if this is your first time using TTG CE3 Pages, please take a moment to visit the Galleries, Services, Info, About and Contact pages. I’ve prepared more introductory reading on each, and I think you will find the information very helpful in getting started.